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The struggle for control of the eastern waters of North Carolina during the American Civil War was a bitter, painful, and sometimes humiliating one for the Confederate navy. No better example exists of the classic adage, "Too little, too late." Burdened by the lack of adequate warships, construction facilities, and even ammunition, nevertheless the South's naval arm fought bravely and recklessly to stem the tide of the Federal invasion of North Carolina from the sea.

Storm Over Carolina is the account of the Southern navy's struggle in North Carolina waters. It is a saga of crushing defeats interspersed with moments of brilliant victories. It is also the story of dogged determination and incredible perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds.

For most of the war, the navigable portions of the Roanoke, Tar, Neuse, Chowan, and Pasquotank rivers were occupied by Federal forces. Albemarle and Pamlico sounds, as well as most of the coastal towns and counties were also under Union control. With the building of the river ironclads, the Confederate navy at last could strike a telling blow against the invaders, but they were slowly overtaken by events elsewhere. With the war grinding to a close, the last Confederate vessel in North Carolina waters was destroyed. William T. Sherman was approaching from the south, Wilmington was lost, and the Confederacy reeled as if from a mortal blow. For the Confederate navy, and even more so for the besieged citizens of eastern North Carolina, these were stormy days indeed. Storm Over Carolina describes their ordeal.

Storm Over Carolina

Storm Over Carolina
The Confederate Navy's struggle for Eastern North Carolina
R. Thomas Campbell,
ISBN 1-58182-486-6
Cumberland House Publishing Co., Dec., 2005.
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Chapter 1. The Coming Storm
Chapter 2. Preparation
Chapter 3. Disaster on the Outer Banks
Chapter 4. The Chicamacomico Races
Chapter 5. The Battle for Roanoke Island
Chapter 6. More Disasters
Chapter 7. The White Hall Gunboat
Chapter 8. The Building of the Albemarle
Chapter 9. Gun Flashes on the Neuse
Chapter 10. The Albemarle Attacks
Chapter 11. Frustration at Kinston
Chapter 12. Storm Over Albemarle Sound
Chapter 13. Wilmington and the Cape Fear
Chapter 14. The Loss of the Ironclads
Chapter 15. Some Final Thoughts


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