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Southern Thunder follows the success of Gray Thunder with more exciting accounts of the exploits of the Confederate States Navy. Within these covers are described, in vivid detail, additional battles and engagements fought by the Southern navy against a well equipped and relentless foe. The Confederate navy has been greatly ignored in the accounts of the War Between the States; this second work in a series, however, helps to fill that void. Using selected episodes, the author tells the fascinating story of the many victories and defeats of the South's navy, as it struggled with sparse resources against unbelievable odds.

Here are the stories of some of the Confederacy's most dangerous warships, along with the brave men who sailed them: the little Sumter, the Confederacy's first cruiser, commanded by that renowned raider, Raphael Semmes; the mighty Arkansas with her captain, Isaac Brown, which fought two Federal fleets simultaneously on a hot July day in 1862; the makeshift gunboat Cotton; the little known commerce raider Georgia; the swift blockade runner Advance; the thunderous Tennessee with crusty Old "Buck" Buchanan at the helm. These stories, and many more, tell the exciting story of the South's epic naval struggle.

Southern Thunder brings all these battles to life and paints a glowing panorama of courageous Southern men, Southern ships, and blazing Southern guns.

Southern Thunder,
Exploits of the Confederate States Navy

R. Thomas Campbell,
ISBN 1-57249-029-2
White Mane Publishing Co., Inc., Sept., 1996
List Price: $19.95
Discount Price: $14.95

Chapter 1. "Give Me That Ship"
Chapter 2. Farewell at Gibraltar
Chapter 3. Thunder on the Yazoo
Chapter 4. Thunder on the Mississippi
Chapter 5. Captain Fuller and the J. A. Cotton
Chapter 6. Fast Ships and Dark Nights
Chapter 7. The Georgia is Loose
Chapter 8. Requiem for a Cruiser
Chapter 9. "You Had Better Surrender"
Chapter 10. The Overland Torpedo Expedition


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