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In the second year of the Civil War, Tad Lynch, the son of a carpenter, tags along with his father who is helping to build the Confederate ironclad warship CSS Virginia (the Merrimack). Tad follows a stray cat below deck and becomes trapped on board as the ship leaves Portsmouth, Virginia, and steams down the Elizabeth River toward the bay of Hampton Roads. Unbeknown to him and many others, the ironclad is headed for battle. Although discovered and bullied by James Shever, the cook, Tad is taken to Captain Franklin Buchanan who gives the boy the dangerous job of carrying powder to the guns as the sailors shell the Union warships Cumberland, Congress, and Monitor. The two day battle feels like weeks to Tad, who longs for his family, his dog, and his friends, Becky and Jimmy. He struggles to perform his duties amid the noise, smoke, and fire of the battle, and even helps to take care of the wounded captain. Triple surprises at the end of the story add further excitement. Real places, people, and events make this historical re-creation a captivating tale.

Both girls and boys can enjoy the adventures of Tad while he proves himself as a powder monkey aboard the ironclad Virginia during her battle with the USS Monitor.

The Powder Monkey,
Carole R. Campbell,
ISBN 1-57249-170-1
White Mane Publishing Co., Inc., Dec., 1999
List Price: $ 5.99
Discount Price: $ 4.99

Chapter 1. The Hatch was Closed!
Chapter 2. Everything was Dark
Chapter 3. I Thought it was a Dead Body!
Chapter 4. What is a Powder Monkey?
Chapter 5. Please, Please, Let me Stay
Chapter 6. Stay Away From the Casemate!
Chapter 7. Fire!
Chapter 8. Destroy that Ship!
Chapter 9. Reporting as Ordered, Sir
Chapter 10. Is He Trying to Get to Me?
Chapter 11. What is Going on Here?
Chapter 12. There is a Leak in the Bow!
Chapter 13. I Know His Eyes Will Pop
Chapter 14. Who Sent Him?
Chapter 15. Virginia


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