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Midshipman in Gray makes available to the modern reader the first twenty-eight chapters of James Morris Morgan's book, Recollections of a Rebel Reefer. Morgan was involved in many exploits during the War Between the States, and his book is an intriguing and sometimes humorous look at a young midshipmen's exciting adventures in the Confederate States Navy.

Briefly recounting his early childhood days while growing up on the sprawling plantations of Louisiana, Morgan quickly comes to the most important years of his life, the War Between the States.

Assigned to the gunboat CSS McRae during the early fighting on the Mississippi, the young midshipman was on that vessel during the fierce battle for New Orleans in April of 1862. Later, Morgan sailed to Europe on special duty, where he was assigned to the cruiser CSS Georgia.

After recounting his many harrowing tales of adventures on the high seas, Morgan returns to the Confederacy and is posted to the Confederate States Naval Academy. Upon graduating he is detailed to accompany President Davis and his family as they flee southward at the end of the war. Edited and annotated by Tom Campbell, Morgan's exploits paint a vivid and exciting portrait of life as a midshipman in the Confederate States Navy.

Midshipman in Gray combines a significant firsthand account with Campbell's widely recognized scholarship to give flesh and blood to this new way of looking at naval life.

Midshipman in Gray,
Selections from Recollections of a Rebel Reefer
R. Thomas Campbell,
ISBN 1-57249-061-6
White Mane Publishing Co., Inc., Sept., 1997
List Price: $24.95
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