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Sentries stomped their feet on the wooden dock in a vain attempt to stay warm. Nearby, gaslights illuminated a mysterious-looking vessel that was made fast to the wharf. In the flickering light the strange blue-gray craft resembled a huge half-submerged 50-foot cigar. A thin cold December mist had settled over the darkened harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. There was no moon, but the twinkling of stars in an otherwise black sky revealed that the night was clear.

A young naval officer paced slowly back and forth on the wharf above the boat. Occasionally, a treasured pocket watch was withdrawn from his vest, and with the strike of a match, the time was checked. When the desired moment arrived, he stopped his pacing and spoke a soft command. Three crew members followed him onboard. With a silent nod from the commander, the pilot opened two sea-cocks, flooding the ballast tanks. As the strange vessel settled, soldiers on the wharf cast off the lines and within minutes only her smokestack and cockpit were visible above the surface. With a few puffs of smoke the deadly torpedo boat silently steamed away into the murky darkness.


The landscape that the author wanted to build is here: wide, informative, and as complete as human effort can make it.... This book by R. Thomas Campbell has a remarkable place in the mainstream and will certainly be useful to future researchers and historians as well as readers at large .... makes for fascinating reading.
Raimondo Luraghi, Journal of Southern History

Hunters of the Night,
Confederate Torpedo Boats in the War Between the States

R. Thomas Campbell,
ISBN 1-57249-203-3
White Mane Publishing Co., Inc., July, 2000
List Price: $14.95
Discount Price: $10.95

Chapter 1. The Infernal Device
Chapter 2. Captain Lee's Spar Torpedo Ram
Chapter 3. Rowboats at War
Chapter 4. The CSS Torch
Chapter 5. David and Goliath
Chapter 6. The "David" Class Torpedo Boats
Chapter 7. The CSS Squib
Chapter 8. The "Squib" Class Torpedo Boats
Chapter 9. A Desperate Mission


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