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Gray Thunder is the fascinating story of the Confederate navy as it struggled against a well equipped and relentless foe. The South's navy and its contribution to the Confederate war effort has been largely ignored in the history of the war. Gray Thunder fills this void. Using selected exploits, including extensive quotes from those who were there, the author tells the exciting story of the Confederate Navy and its courageous battle, with insufficient resources, against unbelievable odds.

This publication supplies information about some of the Confederacy's most ingenious warships; the little Manassas, the Confederacy's first ironclad; the lumbering Virginia, which made naval history in its battle with the Monitor; the fabulous cruiser Alabama; the historic submarine, H. L. Hunley; the sleek blockade runners, and more.

The reader is also provided with stories of the valiant commanders; men such as Buchanan, Semmes, Jones, Wood, Maffitt, and many others, to whom the words duty, honor, and country were the very essence of values worth fighting for.

Gray Thunder brings the tumultuous four years of the naval war to life and paints a vivid panorama of determined Southern men, Southern ships, and blazing Southern guns!

Gray Thunder,
Exploits of the Confederate States Navy,

R. Thomas Campbell,
ISBN 0-942597-99-0
White Mane Publishing Co., Inc., Feb., 1996
List Price: $19.95
Discount Price: $14.95

Chapter 1. The Iron Turtle of New Orleans
Chapter 2. "A Matter of First Necessity"
Chapter 3. "It is Quite a Waste of Ammunition"
Chapter 4. Phantoms of the Night
Chapter 5. Greyhound of the Seas
Chapter 6. From Galveston to Cape Town
Chapter 7. Rendezvous at Cherbourg
Chapter 8 Gun Flashes on the Neuse
Chapter 9. Gray Warriors Beneath the Waves
Chapter 10. Dash to the Gulf


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