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Gray Thunder brings the tumultuous four years of the naval war to life and paints a vivid panorama of determined Southern men, Southern ships, and blazing Southern guns!

Presents very readable tales of the navy. Well written and entertaining.
The North Carolina Review

Fast paced overview of the major undertaking by the C. S. Navy.
Richmond Times-Dispatch

A quick, enjoyable read and a good initial stop for anyone sticking a toe into Civil War naval waters for the first time.
The Civil War News

Will be thoroughly enjoyed by naval historians and Civil War enthusiasts alike.
The Northern Mariner

A beginner's guide to an important and complex topic.
The Journal of Southern History

This intriguing naval history entertains and informs, arousing an appetite for the next in the series.
The Rebel Rouser

Serves as an introduction to the Confederate Navy.
Blue and Gray Magazine

This is a first class book that will highly appeal to Civil War buffs and ship and naval historians and researchers alike.
CompuServe Genealogy Forum

Gray Thunder,
Exploits of the Confederate States Navy,

R. Thomas Campbell,
ISBN 0-942597-99-0
White Mane Publishing Co., Inc., Feb., 2002

List Price: $12.95
Discount Price: $ 9.95

Chapter 1. The Iron Turtle of New Orleans
Chapter 2. "A Matter of First Necessity"
Chapter 3. "It is Quite a Waste of Ammunition"
Chapter 4. Phantoms of the Night
Chapter 5. Greyhound of the Seas
Chapter 6. From Galveston to Cape Town
Chapter 7. Rendezvous at Cherbourg
Chapter 8 Gun Flashes on the Neuse
Chapter 9. Gray Warriors Beneath the Waves
Chapter 10. Dash to the Gulf


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