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Fire and Thunder introduces the reader to the many varied facets of what can be properly termed "Confederate Forces Afloat." But not all exploits recounted here were the product of the Confederate navy. Early in the conflict, private citizens applied for, and were granted, letters of "Manqué and Reprisal" from the government in Montgomery. These privateers, as they were styled, carried the war to Northern commerce while the new Confederate government was organizing its official navy. Branded as "pirates" by the North, these vessels with names such as Calhoun, Dixie, and Jefferson Davis made newspaper headlines for a few short months, until Union warships appeared off the Southern ports. Also included are the accomplishments of the CSS Nashville, the first cruiser to carry the Confederate flag to Europe; the valiant little "Mosquito Fleet;" the ironclads Louisiana and Mississippi at the Battle of New Orleans; the recapture of Galveston, Texas; the raiders Tallahassee and Chickamauga; and finally the amazing world wide cruise of the CSS Shenandoah.

The central theme of Fire and Thunder is the exhilarating successes and sometimes the stinging defeats of Confederate forces afloat.

Fire and Thunder,
Exploits of the Confederate States Navy

R. Thomas Campbell,
ISBN 1-57249-167-5
White Mane Publishing Co., Inc., Aug, 1997
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Chapter 1. The Privateers Strike the First Blow
Chapter 2. The Stars & Bars in the English Channel
Chapter 3. The Mosquito Fleet
Chapter 4. The Behemoths of New Orleans
Chapter 5. Victory at Galveston
Chapter 6. Havoc off the East Coast - Part I
Chapter 7. Havoc off the East Coast - Part II
Chapter 8. The Last Blockade Runners
Chapter 9. The Rendezvous
Chapter 10. An Arduous Beginning
Chapter 11. Australian Interlude
Chapter 12. The Long Voyage Home


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