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Chief Engineer James Hamilton Tomb (1839-1929) devoted almost 12 years to naval service first in the Confederate States Navy during the American Civil War and then in the Marinha do Brasil during the War of the Triple Alliance. A steam engineer by profession and a torpedo expert by circumstance, Tomb was in the forefront of naval weapons technology. He also had the courage and capacity to assume positions of command. His first assignment was first class engineer on the CSS Jackson at New Orleans. Here, amid a tightening blockade and a growing fear of Federal attack from the Gulf, Tomb's memoirs begin….

Tomb's first Person narrative is interspersed with explanatory comments from the editor, who also fills in Tomb's life at the memoir's beginning and end. Three appendices include documents by Tomb: "Submarines and Torpedo Boats, C.S.N.," written in 1914, a detailed description of his experiences with the torpedo boat David and the submarine H. L. Hunley, and "Reminiscences of Torpedo Service in Charleston Harbor," 1877. A bibliography and a wealth of rare photographs complete the work.

Engineer in Gray,
Memoirs of Chief Engineer James H. Tomb, CSN
R. Thomas Campbell, (Editor)
ISBN 0-7864-1991-1
McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers
List Price: $45.00
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Chapter 1. The CSS Jackson
Chapter 2. The CSS McRae
Chapter 3. Prison Life at Fort Warren
Chapter 4. The CSS Chicora
Chapter 5. The CSS David
Chapter 6. The CSS Juno
Chapter 7. More Torpedo Attacks
Chapter 8. The CSS Leesburg
Chapter 9. Badly Used Up
Chapter 10. The Cause is Lost
Chapter 11. Various Official Documents - A
Chapter 12. Various Official Documents - B
Chapter 13. To South America
Chapter 14. Loss of the Rio de Janeiro
Chapter 15. Adiós South America


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