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Confederate Navy Data is a CD that contains a number of "folders." Within these folders are text and image files pertaining to all aspects of the Confederate States Navy.

The first folder includes various articles and reports written by Confederate naval personnel, all of which are Public Domain.

The second folder contains a series of photographs and sketches of Confederate naval officers. All of these images are Public Domain.

The third folder contains biographical data from the Register of Officers of the Confederate States Navy, 1861-1865. Using all available sources, this work brings together in an alphabetical list all known Confederate Navy and Marine officers, almost 2,000 individuals. For each person, the place of birth is given (if known), along with the state appointed from, and dates and places served, as well as ships served on. In many cases the final disposition of the officer is given as well, whether killed in action, imprisoned and released, released on oath; etc. The date of the officer's death, if known, is also given. Additional information has been added by the compiler. This file is word and phrase searchable.

The fourth folder contains copies of the original regulations from the Confederate States War Department, including: Uniform and Dress of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States, and from the Confederate Navy Department, Regulations for the Confederate States School Ship Patrick Henry, 1863.

The fifth folder contains photographs and sketches of Confederate ships. All images are Public Domain.

The sixth folder contains the Dictionary of American Fighting Ships, "Confederate Forces Afloat," Vol. II, Appendix II. Along with the histories of over 500 ships of the Confederate forces, this file contains four annexes which provide additional information. They include the River Defense Fleet (Annex II), the Texas Marine Department (Annex III), some Confederate privateers (Annex I), and the "Stone Fleet" (Annex IV). Additional information has been added by the compiler. This file is word and phrase searchable.

Confederate Navy Data
Compiled by
R. Thomas Campbell,

Confederate Naval History

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Folder 1. CSN Articles
Folder 2. CSN Officer Images
Folder 3. CSN Officer Register
Folder 4. CSN Regulations
Folder 5. CSN Ship Images
Folder 6. CSN Ship Register

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