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When the Civil War began, the daunting task of building a navy for the ill-prepared Confederacy fell on the shoulders of Stephen Mallory. Among Mallory's primary goals was the establishment of a naval academy, and in July 1863, the Confederate Naval Academy inducted its first class of cadets — among whom was Hubbard T. Minor from the army's 42nd Tennessee regiment.

This in-depth look at life in the Confederate Naval Academy reproduces the diary Hubbard Minor kept as a cadet requirement. It provides a day-by-day account of Minor's schooling as well as his active service on board the CSS Savannah. Events covered include the June 1864 raid on the USS Water Witch, the evacuation of Savannah and the Confederate retreat to Richmond. Selected letters from Minor's correspondence are also included, along with biographical sketches of the Naval Academy's principal instructions. Appendices contain a list of regulations from the Confederate school ship Patrick Henry; the initial report from Austin Pendergrast, commander of the USS Water Witch; a roster of officers assigned to the CSS Savannah; and a report from Commander Brent of the Confederate navy regarding the evacuation of Savannah. Illustrations are included.

Confederate Naval Forces on Western Waters

Confederate Naval Cadet,
The Diary and Letters of Midshipman Hubbard T. Minor, with a History of the Confederate Naval Academy

R. Thomas Campbell, Editor
ISBN 978-0-7864-2645-4
McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers.

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Chapter 1. The 42nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Chapter 2. The Confederate Naval Academy
Chapter 3. The Academic Staff
Chapter 4. The Diary
  Report to the Academy
  Drewry's Bluff
  Assigned to the CSS Savannah
  Attack on the USS Water Witch
  Savannah is Lost
  The End Approaches
Chapter 5. Some Final Thoughts


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