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In the summer of 1863, a most unusual
institution opened its doors to a group of fledgling naval officers. Unusual in that it was inaugurated during the midst of a violent war in which the country it represented was struggling for its very existence. Unlike its counterpart, the US Naval Academy which moved to Rhode Island for the duration of the war, the Confederate Naval Academy existed for two years at the very vortex of the swirling battles that eventually tore the Southern nation apart.

Academy on the James is the exciting account of the birth, the life, and the tragic death of the Confederate naval school. Utilizing meticulous research, the author has pieced together a remarkable story of the South's naval school and the young midshipmen who attended it. From the battles below Richmond in the summer of 1864, to the guardians of the Confederate treasury in its retreat south to the Carolinas and Georgia, they remained true to their nation and themselves-and they never surrendered.

Academy on the James,
The Confederate Naval School
R. Thomas Campbell,
ISBN 1-57249-130-2
White Mane Publishing Co., Inc., Dec., 1998
List Price: $39.95
Discount Price: $29.95

Chapter 1. The Beginning
Chapter 2. The Knowledge Givers
Chapter 3. The School Ship
Chapter 4. Before the Storm
Chapter 5. Call to Duty
Chapter 6. War on All Sides
Chapter 7. The Desperate Winter
Chapter 8. Their Finest Hour


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